Parents’ Rights

Parents’ Rights in Massachusetts

At Walters Law Offices, PC, we recognize that fathers and mothers have equal rights during the divorce process and with regard to child custody and visitation. Our goal is to make certain our clients are treated fairly, regardless of gender.

When a Massachusetts court makes a child custody determination, fathers should stand on equal ground as mothers. However, the traditional societal view that children belong with their mothers is a prevailing sentiment shared by many people. Moreover, it is common for one parent to say negative things about the other parent to the children, which can result in parental alienation.

If you believe that you were denied child custody because the court unfairly favored the other parent or because your ex-spouse is alienating your children, you deserve to have your rights defended. At Walters Law Offices, we are strong advocates, and Attorney Kevin Walters will ensure that your voice is heard by the court.

Helping Fathers Have Healthy Relationships with Their Children
We believe it is of paramount importance for children to have strong relationships with both parents. By advocating for your rights as a father, we are also advocating in the best interests of your children.

Attorney Walters will listen to your side of the story, give an honest assessment of your case so you know what to reasonably expect, and put you in the best possible position to achieve your objective — to spend more time with your children.

Consultation About Fathers’ Rights

For a parents’ rights lawyer who focuses on divorce and divorce-related issues, contact us online or by phone at 781-436-5288.

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Amazing Lawyer That Cares

Kevin renewed my faith in attorney’s when dealing with a horrible experience with prior counsel during my divorce and custody battle. He not only communicated often, but truly cared about what results I wanted that was best for myself and most importantly, my children. He was instrumental in crafting the best case and truly being…

- (5 star review)

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