Division of Business Interests

Dividing Business Assets in Divorce

Division of property during divorce can be complex, especially when you or your spouse owns a business or professional practice. Massachusetts, unlike some other states, does not draw an absolute distinction between assets acquired before or during the marriage. Therefore, even if you owned the business before you got married, the business is open to equitable division by the court upon divorce.

At Walters Law Offices, PC, in Stoughton and Natick, Attorney Kevin Walters offers comprehensive representation for your divorce, including navigating you through the protection or division of any business interests that may be subject to dispute.

Business Valuation

In order for businesses to be divided equitably, they must be appropriately appraised. Determining the value of a business can be challenging. Business records may be in disarray or elucidating the assets or liabilities belonging to the business may prove difficult. In the case of a professional practice such as a medical group, the value of the business may be linked directly to the spouse who is the physician practicing there. This will need to be taken into account. Attorney Walters will lead you through the process, working with forensic accountants and valuation experts as necessary to ensure that we have all the facts needed to present your case.

Skilled at Dividing Businesses of All Kinds

Different forms of business organization present different sets of questions and concerns. Whether it is a closely held or family business, or a professional practice such as a physician’s office, at Walters Law Offices, we work closely with business valuation experts and accountants who examine the entity involved with close scrutiny.

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