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At Walters Law Offices, PC, we recognize that when a divorce involves children, it must be handled with care and tenacity. It is critical to consider the best interest of the child, and we will strive to ensure that your relationship with your child is protected. Stoughton and Natick based child custody and visitation lawyer Kevin Walters brings more than a decade of experience to these often complex cases.

A Careful Approach to Child Custody Cases

We believe in taking the time required to carefully plan out our strategy. In child custody and visitation cases, there may be many players involved, not just the parents and their attorneys. A guardian ad litem or a parenting supervisor may play a role. Our experience means we are familiar with many of the guardians ad litem and parenting supervisors in the area, so we can take steps to see that the right individual is selected for the case. Then we will work closely with that individual as the case progresses, and we will work diligently for a positive outcome.

How Child Custody Works in Massachusetts

There are several variations of child custody in Massachusetts. Physical custody addresses which parent the child will principally live with. Legal custody addresses how important decisions regarding the child’s life will be made by the parents. These decisions include, among others, where the child will go to school and religious upbringing. Sometimes, both parents are able to agree on child custody and visitation arrangements, but when there is no agreement, the court will decide in the best interests of the children.

Skilled Advocates
in and out of the Courtroom

We are skilled at various means of resolving child custody and visitation matters. We will help you draft a parenting plan if you and the other parent have already reached an agreement. Alternatively, through mediation or the collaborative law process, for example, we can help to resolve disputes and reach agreements that will preserve parental relationships and meet the child’s needs. However, if disputes cannot be resolved through less contentious means, we will be aptly prepared to proceed on a contested basis.

We have extensive experience with highly contentious cases, including cases that involve allegations of domestic violence or child abuse. If you believe the other parent is a danger to your child or if you have been accused of causing harm to your child, or the other parent, we will work aggressively to advocate on your behalf and to protect your interests and any children involved.

Child Custody Consultation

For a family law attorney who focuses on divorce and related matters such as child custody and visitation rights, contact us online or by phone at 781-436-5288.

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