Your child’s financial needs can help be met by child support

When parents separate and end their marriages in divorce, children can often be caught in the middle of their parents’ battles. Since their security is paramount in family law cases, judges in Massachusetts evaluate the best interests of the child when they make divorce-related child custody and child support mandates. To ensure that children’s physical and financial needs are met even after the kids’ parents end their relationships, judges carefully assess what sums of money would provide children with enough support on which to live.

Since most parents generally want to do what is best for their kids, complying with support-related orders is generally not a struggle. However, from time to time parents find themselves unable to make full payments of child support for their children. Despite their understanding that child support is an obligation to their children and a legal mandate from their family law courts, some parents cannot keep up with their support orders when lost jobs and financial hardships get in their way.

The Walters Law Offices work with clients who are facing sanctions for their failure to pay child support. In many cases parents who are unable to meet their support obligations are able to modify their child support orders to lower payment amounts. Lowering a monthly child support payment may make all of the difference to a parent who wants to help his children but who is financially unable to meet the demands of his support order.

If you are struggling to keep up with your child support payments, please consider contacting the Walters Law Offices. Our legal team practices family law, including the pursuit of lowering child support orders. Though modification is not available in all child support cases it is a possibility in the courts of Massachusetts and can benefit parents who want to do what is best for their kids.

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