Are you prepared for when your alimony payments end?

Alimony or spousal support is a legal obligation between former spouses. It provides one individual with financial support for a designated period of time at the expense and obligation of the other. Spousal support is based on the circumstances of each divorcing couple; in Massachusetts, several forms of alimony are available to meet those couples’ varying needs.

However, in most cases, a person’s alimony payments will eventually end. Alimony is often meant to be rehabilitative, or designed to help a spouse who has been out of the workforce to prepare to find a job in the wake of a divorce. As a result, the payments will not continue forever, and spouses receiving alimony must be prepared to support themselves when those payments cease.

Knowing when one’s alimony payments will end is a good first step to preparing for their absence. It is important for people who are receiving alimony to know that they, as well as their former spouses, can also ask their divorce courts for modifications to their spousal support or alimony awards. A modification can extend or shorten the length of time that alimony is paid and can be based on factors such as the length of the former couple’s marriage.

The Walters Law Offices can help people with the legal aspects of preparing to meet their alimony obligations as well as to preparing for the dates on which their alimony or spousal support payments will end. The firm is equipped to advise individuals going through divorces in Massachusetts of alimony laws relevant to their cases as well as to discuss options such as modifications that may be necessary for individuals to meet their continuing needs. To learn more about this Massachusetts-based family law practice, please visit its website on alimony.

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