What if my ex and I disagree about child support?

Massachusetts parents may not always agree about what their shared children really need. One parent may believe that as long as a child has food in his stomach and a roof over his head that his needs are effectively met. The other parent may believe that extravagances are necessary for the child to lead a happy, functional life. From a legal standpoint, what a child legally needs from a child support perspective usually falls somewhere in between these two extremes.

A noncustodial parent’s child support obligation may require a sum sufficient to cover a variety of expenses. Child support may be used to pay for school fees, books and costs associated with participation in extracurricular activities. It may extend to doctors’ bills, hospitalization costs and other fees linked to the care of the child. Child support can also be used for the child’s entertainment and engagement in leisure activities.

When two parents strongly disagree about what child support should and should not be used for, a family court may intervene and help the parties find a resolution to their differences. Family courts work to protect the best interests of the kids who pass through their doors and can settle disagreements between former spouses who cannot manage matters about their kids. While child support does take into account the financial needs and limits of the paying parent, it is utilized to see to it that kids have what they need to thrive.

This blog post only covers a fraction of the discussion one could engage in on the topic of financial matters related to raising child. To handle specific child support questions that readers might have, consultation with family law attorneys can be a good first step. Lawyers who work in the family law field can provide guidance on child support and other topics of interest to their clients.

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