Our law firm can help you mediate your divorce

The Walters Law Offices include in their practice the mediation of Massachusetts divorces. As prior posts on this family law blog have discussed, mediation is an alternative to a traditional court-based divorce. Individuals who wish to talk through the issues related to the ends of their marriages outside of the courtroom may benefit from working in the mediation process.

Mediation can address many topics that fall under the general heading of divorce. For example, child custody matters may be negotiated between the parties to a divorce in a mediated setting. Additionally, the financial aspects of a divorce, such as property division matters, child custody, and alimony, may be discussed during a divorce-related mediation.

Mediation is not always the best option for every Massachusetts couple that finds its marriage ending in divorce. Interpersonal issues that prevent the individual partners to a marriage from speaking openly and honestly about their divorce plans may inhibit the mediation process. However, any couple that desires to begin its divorce in mediation may, if necessary, move its divorce to a more traditional setting in the family courts.

The attorneys of the Walters Law Offices have represented clients who have pursued mediated as well as traditional divorces. They recognize that not all couples may initially be interested in mediating the ends of their marriages. However, parties who would like to learn more about what it truly means to mediate a divorce may always contact the firm for more information about this aspect of its practice. Understanding mediation as an ends to a marriage gives some parties options for controlling the way that they separate their lives from those of their soon to be ex-spouses.

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