Address circumstances when considering alimony modifications

When Massachusetts courts order alimony they are often establishing spousal support payment schedules that permit one spouse to get his or her life on the best possible financial track. Not all marriages end with both partners working and earning livable wages; in many cases one of the former partners to a failing marriage forgoes his or her career in order to take care of responsibilities related to the couple’s domestic life. When that partner finds himself on his own and without the support of his wage-earning spouse, he can encounter many problems related to money.

Alimony or spousal support can help that individual bridge the gap between the end of his marriage and the time when he is ready to get back to work. When a person who receives alimony becomes financially able to sustain himself either through employment or remarriage, the requirements to pay on the other spouse sometimes can be lifted. Though every alimony situation is different, when a person who receives support no longer needs it, the order requiring the payment of alimony can sometimes be modified.

A spousal support modification can be used to lengthen or terminate an alimony schedule, or it may be used to reduce or increase the amount of money provided to the support-receiving spouse. Just as positive increases in income can change a person’s need for support, so too can the loss of a job or other incident decrease the paying spouse’s ability to meet his or her financial obligations. Anyone who feels that his alimony situation may need modification can seek support from a local family law attorney.

The Walters Law Offices can help you work toward changing your spousal support order. Regardless of which side of the order you sit on, changes in circumstances can necessitate a court to revisit your order and make modifications so that your order matches you current needs. To learn more about our spousal support services, please visit our firm’s website on alimony.

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