Modification of child support payments sought by actress

There was a time when child support payments were almost exclusively paid by fathers to mothers. As societal norms have changed so too have child support arrangements and mothers sometimes make child support payments to the fathers of their children. This is illustrated by the payments actress Halle Berry currently makes to the father of her 6-year-old daughter. The couple shares joint custody of the girl.

Currently Berry pays her ex $16,000 each month, for a total of $192,000 each year. If the actress has her way however, that amount will be greatly reduced. She is seeking to reduce the payments to approximately $3,000 a month, or roughly $36,000 a year. Accordingly she filed legal documents with the court.

In support of her request Berry alleges that despite being capable of getting a job, he is choosing not to. Instead, she alleges he is living off the child support payments.

In the state of Massachusetts child support payments are determined utilizing mandatory guidelines. Among other things those guidelines take into account the number of children and each parent’s income. In addition, the time a child spends with each parent is relevant. While this case is taking place in another state, those considerations may also be used there.

Regardless of where one lives it is important for parents of children who have a child support order that dictates who gets what, to understand that under certain circumstances an order may be modified. Generally there need to be a major change in the life of one of the parents. As is the case in all other family law matters, child support modifications can be complicated. Accordingly, it is usually a good idea to work with a family law lawyer to try to secure the best possible outcome.

How this matter will be resolved remains to be seen.

Source: BET, “Halle Berry Wants Child Support Slashed,” Moriba Cummings, Oct. 16, 2014

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